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    Ledders are 3D printed channel letters that allow you to insert addressable or static LED strips (upto 12mm wide) into them.

    After printing you will have a base letter, a top cover for the letter and also the tunnels that attach each letter together. These tunnels allow for the hiding of the led strip letter to letter.

    Once you have ordered the Ledders from the store go to Config & Download 3D Model tab in the store for the Ledders product. Fill out the required information and submit. Once you have received the email with the 3D STL files follow the instructions below.


    Unzip the downloaded file onto your computer

    You will see many files, the filename look like n-letter-base-c.stl or n-letter-cover-c.stl or n-letter-tube-c-c.stl, n refers to the letter position, and c refers to the letter itself, letter-base is the channel letter, letter-cover is the top cover, and letter-tube is the connection between channel letters.

    You can now use any 3D printer slicer to create your gcode files for your 3D printer.

    Typically the letter-cover will be printed in a clear or white filament, while typically the letter-base will be a darker color, however the color of the parts is 100% up to you!

    The letter-cover STL comes mirrored in the X direction so that when printed and flipped over for installation if will have the nicer flat side that was done on the 3D printer bed.

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